Project Reports

Hey guys! Along with doing your project, you also need to do a 4-H project book and report.

The 4-H Record Book

The record book is your book that you are filling out while doing your project. For theatre arts, it is your record book that you use in project meetings. If you are doing an animal project, like dog, the record book required for the Florida State Fair  and Youth Fair is used.

The 4-H Project Report

The project report is where you will set your goals for your project at the beginning of the year, write what you do relating to your project, and write what you learned during your project. You will also write a story about your project year and add pictures of you working with your project. Each record book you complete requires a project report. For example, if you complete two project record books, you need to fill out two project reports for each one. It is also required to include the score sheet for your record book/report. Below are the links to your level of project reports and the score sheet.

Cloverbud Project Summary (ages 5 – 7)

Junior Project Report (ages 8 – 10)

Intermediate Project Report (ages 11 – 13)

Senior Project Report (ages 14 – 18)

Project Record Book Score Sheet

All project reports and record books are due by August 1st.


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